About Adbhooture

The Adbhooture Film Festival is an integral part of Adbhooture Horror Podcast Channel in West Bengal, India. We are working towards making this genre more and more popular.


We have our own youtube channel with more than 4000 subscriber and a great association with the writer who are into horror, thriller, sci-fi genre.

We started our journey this year on 1st April, during lockdown, and since then we have been floored with enormous responses from our followers. Within 8 months we have more than 27 thousand followers on facebook.

We are providing this platform to promote your films, scripts, stories, photographs, found footages to a larger audience.

"What Filmmakers and Script Writers are saying about us"

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We are very grateful to the Adbhooture Film Festival for having created a portal where filmmakers can express themselves and that is committed to independent genre cinema. Thank you !!

~ Jordi Barbosa Flores ~

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